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Execution Protection submerged slope in the Port of Alcoa ALUMAR-back area in São Luís / MA, Colchacreto using E-20.



Is a textile geoforma several standard sizes , made ??from polymer blends of fabric with high tensile wire , twisted and fibrilizados , semi -
permeable molding " in-place " in or out of water , with machined microconcrete , cement mortar and sand or soil cement injection , without the need for cofferdams , cross- river or breakdowns . Stands out mainly by the " unifluxo " microfiltration device that ensures the drainage of excess water from the filler without migration of colloids ( laitance ) and prevents water from entering from the outside into the mold , ensuring quality concrete as regards texture, structure , tensile strength and the test for durability.

Constructive Advantages

• Employment of skilled local labor unskilled .
• Use of lightweight and easily transportable equipment.
• Requires no special access , allowing the concreting of up to 300m from the truck - mixer ,
through hoses ø 50mm .
• Ease of reconstruction or repairs , in case of any accidents .
• Can be molded with different types of fine concrete with cement mortar
and sand and even soil-cement injection .
• Fast execution and can absorb 8-10 caminhões-betoneira/dia/bomba .

BOLSACRETO ® can not be molded with ordinary concrete pumps ( concreteira ) - ø 4 "to 6 "
which cause air entrainment , concrete nests and do not establish the imbrication between modules
overlapping , critical to the stability of the complete work . Should be framed with projectors pumps
mortar ø 2 "with rate controlled pressure , good flowability and slump adjusted to the conditions of
Beware visually identical copies because BOLSACRETO ® has no equal . The difference is easily revealed
fibrilizados the twisted yarns and the fabric, and especially the weight of the empty part .