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BOLSACRETO ® and Its Key Features

Constructive BOLSACRETO ® system consists of various landforms Textiles standardized sizes according to computer simulations to hidrogeotécnicas works, prepared with wires polymer blends of PP, HDPE and PA fabric, woven and textile fibrilizados and diagramming device that produces a entitled "unifluxo" system which eliminates the excess water from the micro concrete or mortar mold and prevents water ingress from outside to inside of the textile geoforma, thereby ensuring the strength and quality of the resulting molding composition.


The micro-machined concrete or mortar will leave the concrete core to "slump" between 6 and 8 cm and be redozados rebate when the fuel pump, the passing rate to 15 ± 2 cm to allow flow through hoses Ø 50 mm, for lines between 20-300 m in length, so eliminating the need for special access, thereby drastically reducing the rate of difficulty of the work. Excess water will be filtered by "unifluxo" device without migration of colloids (laitance), then return the dough to the filling factor "Water / Cement" specified for that type of work.


These features allow the molding or filling of textile landforms, even in the presence of water, without the need for cofferdams, diversion of watercourses and pumping, reasons why works with employment BOLSACRETO ® building system are always cheaper, when evaluated by overall price and not uniformly.


Submerged in the works BOLSACRETO ® building system is unbeatable and is distinguished by extraordinary agility and endurance.

BOLSACRETO ® - 30 years of solidity