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The company

Transform sand and cement in large blocks of stone to Hidrogeotécnica Engineering works without water diversion without cofferdam and without exhaustion.

  • Protection Margin
  • Coastal defense .
  • Small Dams .
  • Channeling of streams .
  • Ballasting and cobbles of pipelines and outfalls .
  • Containment embankments and slopes .
  • Control soil erosion , sea and river .

BOLSACRETO ® is a geosynthetic no similarity because it ensures only the strength of your concrete, through its unique system of microfiltration
'' '' unifluxo with simplicity , speed and low cost .


If your work has a high rate of difficulty :

Not accessible ;
Has no room for heavy machinery;
Is subjected to a constant water depth ;
Has difficulty exhaustion ;

faced with difficulty submerged and where the foundation has low support value works ...
Only textile landforms can be shaped :

" in situ " with machined microconcrete ;
with traditional cement mortar and sand ;
mortar mixed with sand, soil and cement good cohesion ;
and even soil-cement injection ...... have the trademark BOLSACRETO


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